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The Official Journal of the University of Medicine, Tirana
Formerly "Bulletin of Medical Sciences"

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Buletin i Universitetit Shtetëror të Tiranës (Bulletin of Tirana State University); Seria Shkencat Mjekësore 4 (Medical Sciences Series 4); Viti 2013 (Year 2013)


The development stages of the immune system. Role of gene- environment interaction in the allergic disease manifestation    

Qirko E., Bregu B.     

Bulletin of medical sciences 2013:7-9

General considerations for the second-stage surgery      

Gurakuqi A., Toti Ç.  

Bulletin of medical sciences 2013:10-13

A case report of testicular Non - Hodgkin lymphoma                                                                   Tarifa Dh., Ademi S., Ikonomi M.                                                                                                    Bulletin of medical sciences 2013:14-15

Evaluation of trauma system in Albania using American college of surgeons basic criteria: a call for substantial reforms     

Lalifi R., Ziemba R., Leppaniemi A., Dogjani A., Olldashi F., Shosha L., Dasho E., Shatri Zh., Koçiraj A.      

Bulletin of medical sciences 2013:16-23      


Aortic valve surgery: early and long term results of aortic valve surgery combined or not with CABG  surgery

Dumani S., Likaj E., Kacani A., Dibra L., Petrela E., Harja E., Llazo S., Bejko E., Refatllari A.

Bulletin of medical sciences 2013:24-34

Universal screening of neonatal hearing in Albania, 2009-2012 

Beqiri E., Nika D., Deliu H.  

Bulletin of medical sciences 2013:35-37

Our experience in carotid and arterectomy

Kapedani E., Caco G., Xhepa S., Nuellari E., Gjergo P..      

Bulletin of medical sciences 2013:38-40

Screening of valve calcifications in hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis patients        

Rroji M., Seferi S., Çafka M., Petrela E., Spahia N., Likaj E., Thereska N.       

Bulletin of medical sciences 2013:41-46

Multiple escharotomy as an alternative between conservative and early escharotomy    

 Belba Gj., Zikaj G., Belba M., Nezha I., Aleksi A.  

Bulletin of medical sciences 2013:47-51      

Epidemiological characteristic of the acute reactive arthritis as a complication of the streptococcal infection during 2000-2010 in  Durrës region

Kërtusha N., Kraja Dh.,  Harxhi Dh., Petrela E., Jani A.      

Bulletin of medical sciences 2013:52-56                                                                                          

Frozen section biopsy in breast oncoplastic surgery

Nina H., Buonomo O., Petrella G., Varvaras D., Buba M., Bushati T., Xhepa G., Cekani E., Mergo K.        

Bulletin of medical sciences 2013:57-61                                                                                          

Body mass index as a prognostic factor for gravity and prognosis in patients with COPD

Argjiri Dh., Ndreu E., Tashi E., Petre E., Dilika E., Shehu E., Beli J., Kore R., Byrazeri G., Kapisyzi P.

Bulletin of medical sciences 2013:62-66

A toxicological investigation of alcohol consumption in subjects involved in road accidents

Matua L, Cinije M.,Jucja B., Petrela E.

Bulletin of medical sciences 2013: 67-70     


Low cardiac output in intensive care unit

Ohri I., Domi R., Sula H., Xhani R.  

Bulletin of medical sciences 2013:71-72                                                                                          


Endometriosis of an abdominal wall scar 

Paparisto S., Draçini Xh., Çeliku E., Dibra A., Alimehmeti M., Myzyri A.       

Bulletin of medical sciences 2013:71-75                                                                                          

A case with silver - russell sindrome: the efficacy of treatment with growth hormone case report          

Grimci  L., Hoxha P., Ylli Z.,  Babameto A., Ylli A., Gjikopulli A.

Bulletin of medical sciences 2013:76-81                                                                              

Systemic lupus erythematosus and acute pan creatitis: Case report and review of the literature

Kurti F., Fida M., Vasili E., Taçi S., Babameto A.   

Bulletin of medical sciences 2013:82-86                  

Corporate governance, theory and implications in hospital management (An introductory paper on public/private corporate governance, management, CEO, board of directors, hospital characteristics, CEO duality and its implication on governance).

Spahaj E., Gabrani A., Gabrani J.     

Bulletin of medical sciences 2013:87-90

Cholesterol guidelines cause for concern? European and American guidelines differences and similarities NICA, ADA, ESC, WHO, AHA, ATP III and ATP IV

Hoti K., Sadiku E., Resuli B. 

Bulletin of medical sciences 2013:91-103