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The Official Journal of the University of Medicine, Tirana
Formerly "Bulletin of Medical Sciences"

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Buletin i Universitetit Shtetëror të Tiranës (Bulletin of Tirana State University); Seria Shkencat Mjekësore 2 (Medical Sciences Series 2); Viti 2013 (Year 2013)



Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Guidelines

Resuli B.        

Bulletin of Medical Sciences: 2013:7-8        

Ideas and opinions   

Hysa B.

Bulletin of Medical Sciences 2013: 8-9


Acute inflammation biomarkers in pleural effusions      

Kapisyzi P., O. Dikensoy, Argjiri Dh.

Bulletin of Medical Sciences, 2013:10-12                                                                            

Anthropology of aggression: more than a century of research   

Myftari K., Vyshka G.

Bulletin of Medical Sciences, 2013:13-15                                                                            

Advances of dental ceramics veneers: materials, applications and technique      

Muçaj  O.                   

Bulletin of Medical Sciences, 2013:16-19


The importance of identification of high risk DNA HPV in evaluation of patients with ascus

Shahini D., Kone E.               

Bulletin of Medical Sciences 2013:20-22     

Pregnancy hypertension and the diastolic function

Bele S., Petrela E., Çakërri L., Banushi, Çafka M., Abazaj A.

Bulletin of Medical Sciences, 2013:23-30

Interobserver variability in reporting gastric dysplasia  

Alihmehmeti M., Ikonomi M.

Bulletin of Medical Sciences 2013: 31-38                

Breast phyllodes tumors      

Nina H., Buonuomo O.,  Petrella G., Varvaras D., Buba M., Xhepa G., Mergo K.

Bulletin of Medical Sciences, 2013:39-44                                                                

Interplay HDL particles and inflammation markers in coronary stenosis

Korita I., Kasneci A., Marku N., Refatllari E., Alliu N.

Bulletin of Medical Sciences 2013: 45-50

Testosterone and metabolic syndrome      

Biça L., Lezha M.,  Kuka N.

Bulletin of Medical Sciences 2013: 51-57                                                                                        

Diagnostic value of 2D strain imaging in patients with suspected coronary disesase

Teferiçi D., Qirko S., Goda T., Dibra A., Pali E., Bara P.    

Bulletin of Medical Sciences 2013: 58-62                                                                            

Early and mid-term functional and hemodynamic evaluation of the ST. Jude medical regent 17-mm aortic valve mechanical prothesis           

Minardi G., Veshti A., Musumeci F. 

Bulletin of Medical Sciences, 2013: 2013: 63-76                                                                             

Silent myocardial ischemia and microalbuminuria in asymptomatic type 2 diabetic patients.

Themeli Y., Bajrami V., Barbullushi M.,  Idrizi A., Tefereci D., Muka L., Ktona E., Agaçi F.

Bulletin of Medical Sciences 2013:77-82                                                                             

Asthma exacerbations

Hoxha M., Meta D., Zogaj D., Abdullahu B.

Bulletin of Medical Sciences  2013: 83-87                                                                           

Serum alanin  aminotransferase (ALT ) activity in overweight and obese subjects

Kadhelaj K,.Walaj V., Petrela E., Resuli B.  

Bulletin of Medical Sciences 2013: 88-91                                                                                        

Role of age on postoperative delirium (POD) incidence in urology patients.

Gani H., Naço M.,Beqiri V., Tare R., Torba Dh., Domi R., Prifti P.

Bulletin of Medical Sciences, 2013:, 2013: 92-95                                                                            

Catheter related blood stream infections in severe burn patients. Clinical data from an oriented surveillance in the ICU of the service of burns, Albania.

Belba M.

Bulletin of Medical Sciences 2013:96-100                                                               

Atypical form of Pandemic A (H1N1) influenza   

Ramasaço E., Pipero P., Kolovani E., Harxhi A., Kurti Sh., Ndoni A., Ndreu A., Ohri I., Hatibi I., Boriçi S..           

Bulletin of Medical Sciences 2013:101-107                                                             

Knowledge attitude and behaviors of Tirana population toward sun protection and their perception about melanoma

Vasili E., Shkodrani E., Kuneshka L., Hoxha I., Boriçi S., Çano E., Bezati  B.

Bulletin of Medical Sciences 2013:108-115                                                                         

Voice disorder in professional classical singers  videolaryngostroboscopic results

Zaharia K.,  Shehi A.,  Radovani P.  

Bulletin of Medical Sciences 2013:116-119                                                                         

Coronal microleakage of three restorative materials and pulpotomy with MTA and in vitro study          

Disha V., Kongo P., Aliaj F., Dilo T.,  Cakaj O., Elezi D., Petrela E., Buba M.

Bulletin of Medical Sciences 2013:120-123                                                                         

Compatibility studies, between ibuprofen and pharmaceutical excipients      

Hoti E., Malaj L.,  Kelliçi S., Di Martino P.  

Bulletin of Medical Science 2013: 124-130                                                                          

International Congress of Biomedical Science     

Young professional and Student

Bulletin of Medical Sciences 2013:131-134