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The Official Journal of the University of Medicine, Tirana
Formerly "Bulletin of Medical Sciences"

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Buletin i Universitetit Shtetëror të Tiranës (Bulletin of Tirana State University); Seria Shkencat Mjekësore 1 (Medical Sciences Series 1); Viti 2013 (Year 2013)


Letter from the editor

Much has changed but there is need for more     

Bulletin of Medical Sciences 2013;1:5-6


Medical University of Tirana and academic reform challenges

Hysa B.          

Bulletin of Medical Sciences 2013: 6-7        

Ideas and opinions. The fall and rise of Internal Medicine         

Resuli  B.       

Bulletin of Medical Sciences 2013: 8-10      

Medical ethics “cuius region eius relegio”

Petrela M.                                          

Bulletin of Medical Sciences 2013:11-12

Renoprotective effects of vitamin D and renin-angiotestin system

Koroshi A.,Idrizi A.                           

Bulletin of Medical Sciences 2013:14-19

Bidirectional relationship between epilepsy and psychiatric disorders                       

Haruni A., Haruni A., Asabella V., Vyshka   G                    

Bulletin of Medical Sciences 2013: 20-25


Optimum value of MAC dining halothane inhalation anaesthesia

Naço M., Prifti P., Gani H., Mandi A., Petrela A., Llukacaj A.        

Bulletin of Medical Sciences 2013: 26-33

Mix blood cardioplegia (MBC) in redo patients undergoing mitral valve replacement surgery. 

Ibrahimi A., Burimi J., Baboçi A., Zeka M., Llazo S., Bejko E., Liço E.           

Bulletin of Medical Sciences 2013: 34-38

Prevalence of hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection in haemodialysis units   

Golemi Dh., Musta E., Riza F., Thereska N., Resuli B.       

Bulletin of Medical Sciences 2013: 39-43                                                                                        

Adverse events of treatment of chronical hepatitis c with pegylated interferon and ribavirine    

Kristo A., Çela J., Osja E., Basho J.  

Buletin i Shkencave Mjekësore, 2013:44-54                                                                                    

Assessing the relationship between hei index and early childhood caries

Petro E., Hoxha E., Kelmendi M.,  Brovina D.

Bulletin of Medical Sciences 2013: 55-60                                                                                        

Surgical treatment of the complications of acute pancreatitis, our 3 years experience

Andrea Gj., Kaçani N., Domi R., Petrela E.

Bulletin of Medical Sciences 2013: 61-70                                                                                        

The role of antibiotics in the wounds infection     

Dajti A.          

Bulletin of Medical Sciences 2013:71- 78                                                                                        

Utilization and costs of reimbursed inhaled a2-agonists in Albania during the years        2008-2010      

Sina A., Hoxha I.

Bulletin of Medical Sciences 2013: 79-87                                                                                        

Accurate diagnosis of some difficult cases of acute leukemia. Cytochemistry and immune- phenotype as important methods in this diagnosis

Dedej T., Gjylameti V.          

Bulletin of Medical Sciences 2013:88-94                                                                                         

Etiologic treatment of pandemic influenza

Kolovani E., Kraja Dh.,  Ramasaço E., Pipero P., Harxhi A., Çomo  N. Pilaca A., Kurti Sh., Hatibi I., Sulaj E.          

Bulletin of Medical Sciences 2013: 95-100                                                                                      

Epidemiological data of congenital heart disease in our center  

Kuneshka N., Teneqexhi L., Petrela E., Koja A., Babameto A, Baboçi A., Veshti A., Mufi M., Irma Hajdari I, Pollozhaui A., Mula U.

Bulletin of Medical Sciences 2013: 101-106


Ischemic colitis associated with prothrombin 20210 gene mutations

Ivanaj A., Weir A.          

Bulletin of Medical Sciences 2013:107-109   


Knowledge on transfusion  medicine among the students of the faculty of nursing at the University of Tirana      

Nurka T., Cina R., Gjinushi M., Kito I., Pano I., Hoxha E.,  Hajro V.

Bulletin of Medical Sciences 2013:110-113 


Bulletin of Medical Sciences 2013: 114-124

Instructions of authors

Bulletin of Medical Sciences, 2013: 125-127