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The Official Journal of the University of Medicine, Tirana
Formerly "Bulletin of Medical Sciences"

Original Articles

Dermatogical Manifestations of Pregnancy

Julijana Asllani, Monika Fida, Ermira Vasili 

Abstract | Full Text (PDF)

Evaluation of Ureteral Stent Insertion in Rectal Cancer Surgery

Devid Belalla, Nikollaq Kaçani, Arben Gjata, Rezart Xhani 

Abstract | Full Text (PDF)

Head Post–Burn Deformities: Experience in the Department of Plastic Surgery in Pristina

Zejnë Buja, Hysni Arifi, Enver Hoxha 

Abstract | Full Text (PDF)

Exhaled Nitric Oxide in Asthma: Relationship to Pulmonary Function, Disease Severity and Steroid Use

Eugerta Dilika, Artan Simaku, Eritjan Tashi, Perlat Kapisyzi 

Abstract | Full Text (PDF)

Obesity in Patient with Gestational Diabetes Mellitus as an Important Predictor of Perinatal Outcome

Rezart Ajazi, Denisa Golemi, Gabriela Kraja, Redi Hoxhallari 

Abstract | Full Text (PDF)

Review Article

Antiphospholipid Syndrome: Pathogenesis, Diagnosis and Therapy in 2016

Ariela Hoxha, Elena Mattia 

Abstract | Full Text (PDF)

Case Report

Abdominal Mass as an Expression of a Wandering Spleen

Alessandro Bianchi, Alberto Pagan, José Antonio Martinez Corcoles, Paula Diaz, Marina Jíminez,

Xavier Gonzalez Argente 

Abstract | Full Text (PDF)