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The Official Journal of the University of Medicine, Tirana
Formerly "Bulletin of Medical Sciences"

Original Articles

Healthcare Seeking Practices for Common Childhood Illnesses in Northeastern Albania:

A Community-Based Household Survey

Ditila Doracaj, Edi Grabocka, Elda Hallkaj 

Abstract | Full Text (PDF)

Chest Pain in the Emergency Department: Clinical Characteristics and Management

Edmond Zaimi, Geriolda Topi, Përparim Çërri, Elizana Petrela

Abstract | Full Text (PDF)

Assessment of Negative Emotional State in Patients with Acne Vulgaris:

A Study on the Emotional Impact of Acne

Brizida Refatllari, Admir Nake, Loreta Kuneshka, Albana Lufi, Ferdinand Canaj

Abstract | Full Text (PDF)

The Surgical Treatment of Thyroid Nodules: Preoperative Diagnosis, Surgical Techniques and Complications

Ardjan Dajti, Ardjan Ymeri, Gëzim Galiqi, Shpëtim Ymeri, Lulzim Lekaj 

Abstract | Full Text (PDF)

Nutritional Status of Children with Sideropenic Anemia

Violeta Grajçevci-Uka, Rufadie Maçastena-Maxhuni, Arbana Baloku-Zejnullahu, Elizana Petrela 

Abstract | Full Text (PDF)

The Impact of the Long Duration of Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease in the Occurrence of Esophageal Lesions

Nevila Tabaku-Luli, Ilir Bibolli, Elizana Petrela-Zaimi 

Abstract | Full Text (PDF)

Our Experience in the Surgical Treatment of Dupuytren Contracture

Violeta Zatriqi, Hysni Arifi, Skender Zatriqi 

Abstract | Full Text (PDF)

The Comparison Between Biological and Chronological Age in Clinical Odontology

Rozela Xhemnica, Çeliana Toti, Milton Rroço, Lindita Xhemnica 

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Case Reports

Acute Renal Failure in Patient with Aortic Dissection Treated with Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy

Alfred Ibrahimi, Saimir Kuci, Merita Zeka, Ervin Bejko, Stavri Llazo, Andi Kacani, Ermal Likaj, Ilir Ohri 

Abstract | Full Text (PDF)

Clinical Reasoning

Necrotizing Fasciitis in a Patient with Refractory Anaemia with Excess Blasts

Adela Perolla, Arjan Pushi, Tatjana Caja, Polikron Pulluqi 

Abstract | Full Text (PDF)